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Product Warranty & Registration

The Serta Warranty & Quality Assurance Program

Our goal is to provide you with the highest product quality and durability so you can enjoy your Serta mattress for years to come. This promise is backed by our Serta Quality Assurance Program, one of the most stringent and rigorously enforced product quality programs in the home furnishings industry. Because we strongly believe in the quality, design and craftsmanship of our products, Serta products are warranted against the manufacturing defects in workmanship and material as outlined in the warranty brochure that came with your mattress or mattress set.

If you observe a defect, contact the Serta retailer from where you purchased the set for warranty service. Our valued retail partners are authorized to provide warranty service, and can do so promptly and efficiently. If you have moved or if your retailer is no longer in business, please contact Serta Customer Service for warranty service at 1-888-55-SERTA (1-888-557-3782) between the hours of 9am to 5pm EST Monday - Friday.

Warranty Brochures

Click on any of the Serta Warranty Brochures below to download a PDF copy of the brochure:

Product Registration

Fill out our online Product Registration Form to store your purchase information in Serta’s database. We’ll send you a coupon good towards a free Serta Counting Sheep plushie for completing the form! Product registration does not replace proof of purchase, so please retain your original sales receipt and law tag on the mattress/box spring for your records.

Register Your Product

Am I Covered?

What’s Covered Under Warranty?

Serta’s warranty exists to insure that your Serta mattress set is built to our high quality standards and protects against manufacturing defects. For full details on what Serta’s limited warranties do and do not cover, please download the appropriate product brochure using one of the links above. We pride ourselves on our Quality Assurance program and having a very low product return rate. If a Serta mattress or box spring is found to be defective per the terms of our warranty, we will stand behind our warranty 100%.

Comfort vs. Product Defect

Every individual has unique comfort needs. While one person may love the comfort of an ultra-plush pillow top mattress, another may prefer a very firm mattress. And, the person that loves the pillow top mattress probably wouldn’t like sleeping on the very firm mattress. If a mattress isn’t comfortable for you, it doesn’t mean that there is a problem with the quality of the product; rather, it means that this particular mattress model isn’t the right match for your comfort needs.

Why won’t Serta replace my mattress under warranty if it’s not the right comfort match for me?

If a mattress is uncomfortable for you, this does not mean that there is a product defect present. It may be that the mattress is simply too soft or too firm for your body’s unique needs, and replacing your mattress model with the same model will not alleviate the problem. When you purchase a new mattress, it is important that you speak with your retailer to understand your return and/or exchange options under the store’s policies. It is also important that you take your time when selecting a new mattress, to insure that you are picking the right comfort match for you. After all, you will sleep on your mattress every night for years to come.

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