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Meet the Counting Sheep

Learn more about the Serta Counting Sheep you love not to count.

#1: The Leader of the Flock

The boss of the Serta Counting Sheep. #1 instigates all anti-Serta activity. Clever, determined, and afraid of no one, he devises scheme after scheme to thwart Serta’s mission to provide a good night’s sleep to all. No one is sure where #1 came from. Other Serta sheep recall him simply showing up one day and organizing the ongoing rebellion. “He was mesmerizing.” says #9. “I remember the day he came to us. We were all just standing around right next to each other eating grass. A few of the ewes fell in love with him. I mean, they took one look at him and the cud just fell right out of their mouths.” Not only is he charismatic and persuasive, #1 is an endless source of ideas. From blackmail to dirty tricks, he is relentless in his determination to put his flock back to work, doing what they were born to do…be counted by the sleepless.


Origins unknown; believed to be from the Upper Midwest, possibly Detroit area.

Types 65 WPM (with snout).

Is believed to have military experience; often requests meetings at "Oh-eight-hundred hours," etc.

Becomes uncharacteristically docile while being shorn.

Is afraid of thunder.